Introduction Ethics can be defined as a system of moral principles or rules of conduct which govern behaviour, in other words – choosing between what is “right” and what is “wrong”. Moral principles are not based on legal requirements. They relate to a person’s innate sense of justice and what is the “right” thing to do in the circumstances and must be applied over and above any laws and policies which may be in place. It requires strength of character to do the “right” thing - it is often easier to take another route or there may be pressure not to do the “right” thing. The Companies within the Tiger Brands Group (“Tiger Brands”) are committed to ensuring adherence to the highest moral, legal and ethical standards and strive for integrity in all their dealings. This Code of Ethics (“our Code”) has been adopted by the Company’s Board of Directors and is communicated to everyone involved in the business to ensure their commitment to it. The Board attaches the utmost importance to our Code and will apply a “zero tolerance” approach to any act which appears to work contrary to it. Any employee who fails to comply with the Code will be subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal action. 2 Scope & Objective The Board, all fulltime employees, part-time employees, contractors, consultants and any entity who acts for and on behalf of the Company (“Applicable Persons”) must adhere to the principles set out in our Code. Our Code represents a clear, conscious and personal commitment to doing what is right and all employees are accountable for the performance and reputation of the Tiger Brands. 3 Policy Details Tiger Brands values ethical behaviour and is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethical behaviour. It is not always easy to “do the right thing” and accordingly this code is designed to provide a reference point and support for our stakeholders, to ensure that their behaviour is guided by socially acceptable principles such as honesty, integrity, accountability, fairness, non-discrimination and human dignity. At Tiger Brands: - We value our People and treat them with dignity;
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